the importance of “the happy place”

I love being out in the world. It almost doesn’t even matter where. Whether its the middle of Paris, France (or Paris, Texas), the backwoods of the Alaskan wilderness, or a no-name patch of sand in any stretch of desert, or any sweeping beach. I simply love being there. There’s something about knowing my literal,Continue reading “the importance of “the happy place””

The Comfort Zone

My problem has never been GETTING out of my comfort zone, my problem is STAYING out of my comfort zone. I am really good at getting, and staying, uncomfortable in a physical sense though. I work-out every single day without fail and I’m always looking for the next challenge whether that be long distance running,Continue reading “The Comfort Zone”

Just Breathe

“Just Breathe”. Only 2 words, but relatively deep in their meaning. Depending on who is hearing them and the lens they are hearing them through, they can be interpreted in a variety of ways. To me, a couple different things pop into my mind every time I hear them, Family, Cystic Fibrosis, tattoos, and calmness.Continue reading “Just Breathe”

the “out there” older sister

I live in Alaska. Like, backwoods, two-hour-drive-to-town, population of 2,000 at most, type Alaska. Which, in Alaska, isn’t even considered as rural as it can get. Though I fancy myself an explorer and adventurer, I never thought I’d find myself living in a place where, when you google image search it, only a picture ofContinue reading “the “out there” older sister”