My First Article, Ever

Well here I am, finally starting my first article. For the last month all I have been thinking about is this post. While, at first, I wanted to make this the best piece of writing that I have ever written, I started to realize as I pecked away at this computer screen, that that just wasn’t going to happen. First of all, I haven’t written anything of length besides one-off, rambling journal entries in around 8 years. Secondly, I have never been much of a writer. I always left that up to my sister, the intellectual of the family. So instead of freezing in the paranoia and not writing anything because I know it won’t be the greatest piece of literature in my life, I’m just going to write and see what happens.
My sister (Dara) and I (John) are starting this blog to have something that belongs to us, together. To write about and share all of the things that make us, us. Whether that be our interests, ideas, experiences, poetry or stories, the possibilities are endless! We live on opposite sides of the country, I live in North Carolina and Dara in Alaska, and we rarely get to see each other, so we thought it would be cool to do something that both of us get to contribute to. Dara and I have a really awesome, silly relationship and we have a ton of similarities, including the fact that we both have Cystic Fibrosis (hence The Cameron Files). Catchy, I know!
Our hopes for this blog are that we will not only be able to put our thoughts and words out there, but some of our friends and family will be able to as well. Along our journey we have been lucky enough to meet and befriend some really incredible people, so I’m sure a lot of them are going to be contributing to the site as well here and there!
Personally, I can’t wait to get started! This blog is an idea that we’ve been throwing around for awhile now and it feels good to have it up and rolling!

Talk to y’all soon,

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